Offer: Coretraining on the Ball DVD + Ball

Offer: Coretraining on the Ball DVD + Ball

495.00 kr

CoreTraining on the Ball DVD + Alex Fitnessboll Antiburst!
Take Core to a new level! Take this opportunity to get both the Core Ball DVD and an fitness ball, at an incredible price. Please choose ball size.
Value up to 698 SEK. You can save over 200 SEK!


Coretraining on the ball. DVD 60 min
You are familiar with core level 1, 2 & 3. Now, we use a fitness ball to perform the core exrecises. This is the ultimate training for the core of your body. Coretraining improves your posture, stability and balance. The body and the ball is your exercise tool and the world is your gym. (60 min)

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Alex Fitnessboll Antiburst.
When you buy Alex Fitness Ball Antiburst you will get an extra high quality, antiburst material, exercise ball. Extremely durable and virtually impossible to burst with body load.
Choose from sizes 55, 65, 75 cm, in different colours, see image.

Good luck on Your Core Ball training!
Please choose ball size.

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