Mind Body and Soul Collection


Mind Body and Soul Collection

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YOGA Yoga offers a holistic approach to the body, mind and spirit, which can provide us with the tools to cope with the challenges of daily life.The balance of music on this CD complements this style of exercise.

T’AI CHI T’ai Chi is a Chinese martial art which is a non-contact, noncombative way of improving health and energy and reducing stress.

PILATES Pilates is excellent for improving posture, strength and flexibility also aligning the body correctly teaching coordination, concentration and control.

PILATES BEAT The music is designed to allow the Instructor or participant to work through the Pilates techniques albeit standing exercises or floor work based exercises in a continuous flowing movement to add more of a dynamic feel to the workout.

YOGA FLOW Yoga Flow CD features music which is deliberately designed to encourage a continuous flow through the movements and poses encouraging more of a fast flowing aerobics yoga workout.

MEDITATION An uncomplicated piece of music that allows complete meditation either through breathing techniques, vocal assistance, yoga poses or relaxation moves.

STRETCH & RELAXATION The music on this CD is adapted and selected to provide the participant with a peaceful stretch and relaxation experience.

VOCAL MEDITATION This relaxing music CD is accompanied by Lorna Lee Malcolm’s soothing voice guiding you through your very own meditation class focussing on traditional and modern day meditation techniques.

DE STRESS A mix of music that is designed to settle your mind and reduce your stress levels through tranquil rhythms and tones.

CHILL OUT A combination of ambient and relaxing down tempo music that is suitable for all styles of Mind Body classes dependent on the emphasis of the class.

WELL BEING This CD can be used in a class environment or an alternative therapy session. The mood is peaceful and gentle.

RE ENERGISE An up tempo, up lifting mix of music that is designed to invigorate and re energise the body and mind.

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